[thelist] consequences of invalid comment declerations

Bill Mason evolt at accessibleinter.net
Wed Jun 18 10:52:50 CDT 2003

At 08:23 AM 6/18/2003, Dunstan Orchard wrote:
>are there any known consequences to invalid comment declerations in html?
><!-- good comment -->
><!--- bad comment --->

While these pages are probably older ones that are being rendered in 
"quirks mode" by the browsers that do sniffing for it, there can certainly 
be consequences to a bad comment.  Write a comment like that on a 
"standards mode" rendered page, and it'll visibly break the page in 
Mozilla/Netscape 6+/Gecko etc browsers as it tries to parse out what it 
thinks the comments' syntax is.

This usually causes comments to become visible, and actual content to 
become invisible.  It's a popular bug in Bugzilla's Tech Evangelism section 
for the way it destroys pages.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
evolt at accessibleinter.net

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