[thelist] Loading XML file in IE browser

Roger Ly evolt at matchpenalty.com
Wed Jun 18 12:13:09 CDT 2003

>Just out of interest, is there a particular reason that you want to do
>on the client side? I think you might just be expecting a little too
>from the technology, interesting though the idea is.

Hey Chris,

Actually, this is all part of a Java application we have written to help
users build online Photo albums.  The app builds HTML content and pushes
to a live server, but we want a means to have some client-side
previewing of the HTML as the user is modifying their album.

We are using the Microsoft IBrowser interface to embed the IE browser
into our application.  Rather than having to regenerate static HTML on
the user's machine as the user is editing and previewing their Album,
real-time, we load the data through the XML file and display it to the
user.  It just helps save some processing time on the client app, and
saves us the headache of integrating something like the XALAN XSLT
processor into our application and doing the XML->HTML transformations
in the app.

Plus, it is really cool functionality :P.


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