[thelist] Re: Side-by-side Divs

djinn at darkdesigns.org djinn at darkdesigns.org
Wed Jun 18 14:21:27 CDT 2003

> >> From what I've read, it seems like I need to use Float: left
> for this to
> happen, but I believe that using Float requires that you specify a
> width for the div. Is this true? I'd rather not do that.

>  by default a div has 100% width.  If you don't specify a width, the div
takes up the entire width of the screen.  Why wouldn't you want to specify a
width?   I'm confused.

>-stephen caudill

Boy, I'd be confused too ;) I didn't realize that a div was always 100%
(don't use them alot - can you tell?). I thought it would be as large as
it's contents. Is there a way of specifying that a div be as large as it's
contents that is well supported?

Jean Peterson

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