[thelist] Side-by-Side Divs

Nick Wilson nick at stylesheet.org
Wed Jun 18 14:36:18 CDT 2003

* and then djinn at darkdesigns.org declared....
> I would like to create a bunch of divs that will go across the screen when
> there is room, but go below each other when there isn't room, like text
> flow. I don't want a horizontal scrollbar.
> >From what I've read, it seems like I need to use Float: left for this to
> happen, but I believe that using Float requires that you specify a width for
> the div. Is this true? I'd rather not do that.

Well, to float you'd need to be floating a block level element and by
default a block level element is 100% in width (if it isn't then it
amounts to the same thing).

So, yes, you'd need to do that. The good news is that you could easily
use an relative unit for the width property such as em of %

A good source of CSS help is here:

Nick W

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