[thelist] Linux RH Web server form data to M$ Exchange box - how?

Kit Massengill KitM at FirstEquipment.com
Wed Jun 18 16:25:22 CDT 2003


Got a real stupid, newbie kinda question:

First, the stuff:

Linux Box:
IBM 6275 - PIII, 400MHz, 512MHz (mem)

Linux Redhat 7.3

Apache 1.3.27

MySQL - 3.23.55

Bind DNS - 9.2.1

M$ Box:

NT 4.0, SP 6.0a

Exchange 5.5

The Linux box is our (future) web server, and I need to send form data
posted from said box to our M$ Exchange box.  They're on the same internal

I'm having problems.  Do I have to setup Sendmail on the Linux box and
forward e-mails (form info) to the Exchange box?

Please be kind, I'm obviously stupid.

Thanks in advance,
KitM at FirstEquipment.com

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