[thelist] Linux RH Web server form data to M$ Exchange box - how?

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Wed Jun 18 17:14:21 CDT 2003

At 02:25 PM 6/18/2003, Kit Massengill wrote:

>The Linux box is our (future) web server, and I need to send form data
>posted from said box to our M$ Exchange box.  They're on the same internal
>I'm having problems.  Do I have to setup Sendmail on the Linux box and
>forward e-mails (form info) to the Exchange box?

What programming language are you using to manage the form on the server 
side?? Php? Perl?

Either way, just use the mailing functions you have via those languages, 
and point them to the Exchange Server (which should have the SMTP/Internet 
module installed already). You can use the default installation of sendmail 
to "send mail", but make sure you stop the sendmail daemon from starting. 
You don't need that running in order to send mail out from the server.

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