[thelist] appendChild() invalid for frame?

Daniel Frey danieljohnfrey at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 10:12:45 CDT 2003

>Does anyone know a way to dynamically assign a chunk of HTML to an 
>IFRAME (can't use src or document.location because there is no such thing in 
>this case)? 

I remember doing something like this in the past, I wanted users to be able to open a page for editing (the editing all took place in an iframe) - the solution I came up with (although I'm certain not the world's best) was to have a hidden div do all the work.  I would clear out the div, and using a little ASP, open the file within the hidden div.  Then, I'd do a document.write to the iframe using the innerHTML of the div.  Again, not the ideal solution, but it worked very well for the situation.


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