[thelist] Linking from client site

Alex Jones alexj_list at agrussell.com
Thu Jun 19 12:09:35 CDT 2003

At 11:38 AM 6/19/2003, Chris Brody wrote:
>Dear evolters,
>I'm currently in disagreement with a client about whether I should be
>allowed to link to my own site from the pages I designed for them.


Chris, I've always included it as part of the contract, plus I made sure 
that they were aware of that point before signing the contract. Treating it 
as part of the deal has allowed me to collect some compensation for the 
lost ad leads on those sites who are not interested. Basically it breaks 
down to charging the client a little less if I am given that advertising 
space at the bottom of each page.

In your current case the question comes down to a couple of points. One, 
were you both in agreement that this would be part of the site design? If 
not, then you don't have the right to include it. Assumptions on either 
side of a deal are dangerous. Two, if you decide to make this a battle you 
will likely lose them as a client or have a harder time working with them 
on future projects.

I'd say chalk it up to experience and let it go. Don't ruin a client 
relationship over it. Ultimately if they are happy with you they will 
recommend you to those they know, which can be great if they are a 
non-profit, many of which have some influential people on their boards.

My $0.02,


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