[thelist] Linking from client site

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Jun 19 12:52:45 CDT 2003

If the client paid for the site it is their right to do with it as they
wish. If you wish to have their site in your portfolio that is OK. If
they wish that you have no link from their site to yours THAT is right
and proper.

I totally agree with Jay here. However I need to add something to it. At
this point, monies have already exchanged hands (or not). Why not offer a
rebate or discount for allowing you to put your stamp on it. 

*ehem there's always this:

<meta name="Author" content="Copyright 2003 http://www.mydesigns.com - Your
N. Here">

Once again with another real world example. Would you want the engineers
name on refrigerator door, the one he spent 3 weeks perfecting the freezing
technique? :-\

I think it would be in your best interest to swallow any pride, make your
own portfolio site and link it as often as you'd like there. What you're
trying to do is cross a wooden bridge with axe wheels as tires if such a
thing exists. Besides, should they decide to redesign the site again, and
you've served them well, they'll be the first to call you back into action
for round 2.0


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