[thelist] Linking from client site

Chris Brody subscriptions at cbrody.com
Thu Jun 19 12:58:52 CDT 2003

Alex Jones wrote:
> were you both in agreement that this would be part of the site design?

No, the contract is informal, and I made a faulty assumption that it would
be OK to include a link.

> if you decide to make this a battle you
> will likely lose them as a client or have a harder time working with them
> on future projects.

Jay Blanchard wrote:
> If the client paid for the site it is their right to do with it as they

Richard Bennett wrote:
> I think you'll get more work through word of mouth, than through links
> from a client-site, if they are happy about your work and attitude.

All true. Except that those who hired me to do the work are not the same
people who object to the link. The department which commissioned the work
(and paid the bill) has no objection and, I believe, supports me on this.
It's a delicate thing though, and as I don't want to upset the powers that
be, I will bow out gracefully. Annoying, as I think the
soon-to-be-ex-Communications Director is behind this...

Thanks for the comments.


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