[thelist] Can't get combobox to appear behind table

Craig Burkett cburkett at triad.rr.com
Thu Jun 19 15:49:20 CDT 2003

Ok guys I know I am missing something here but I've tried everything I
short of writing specialized code to hide the comboboxes when they
should be
behind a table (both table's and combobox's position is fixed).

The problem is that a technique being used to display a menu is to show
hide a table (developed by another developer). Unfortunately, whenever
table is displayed and there happens to be a combobox in the downward
of the table (which is listing a menu choice in each row) the combobox
not go behind the table. I've tried changing the z-order of both table
(including individual rows) and combobox but no go. Does anyone have a
as to what I need to do, preferably without a lot of specialized code?

I am attaching an htm file as sample code. I need the combo boxes to
appear as if they are
behind the table.

TIA for any help.


Craig Burkett


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