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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Jun 20 05:45:26 CDT 2003

> Of course, in every task we do, we want to look at ROI.  Every statistic
> I've seen (and yes, I know that 86% of all statistics are meaningless) say
> that IE 5+ has over 90% of the market

that begs the question (in the original "petitio principii" sense)

let's not go down the microsoft-is-evil sidetrack that shawn was unable to
avoid (otherwise, nice post, shawn -- full of great ideas, well written)

> Is it too idealistic or naive to think that if enough of us do take a
> stance, that perhaps these companies might take notice?

nothing personal, but yes, it's idealistic, because even if they take
notice, they won't do anything

or maybe that's just me being cynical

still on this same topic of "graceful degradation" (a delightful phrase that
i've adopted as my goal for personal fitness in middle and old age), there's
a new article out by steven champeon --

  Progressive Enhancement and the Future of Web Design

steven describes how various levels -- hence, "progressive enhancement" -- 
of structural markup and filtered stylesheets will support any user agent

> I do hope to hear back from a few of you.  If the list is not the
> appropriate place for this particular discussion, feel free to e-mail me
> offlist.

no, it is, and please don't

this topic is like, totally, um... on topic


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