[thelist] PowerPoint Presentations Save as HTML - How to customize?

Lena Marianne Arvola chase at ontask.net
Fri Jun 20 18:25:11 CDT 2003

Situation: Government agency, which must comply with 508. We have a 
standard look and feel for our Internet. Numerous folks want to post their 
PowerPoint Presentations to our Internet, using the save as HTML feature.

Problem: Folks are not taking the time to cut and paste each slide into the 
Department's Standard Template; folks are not fully annotating the slide 
with all the necessary alt tag information.

Question: For the folks who do not want to convert the PowerPoint 
Presentation to a PDF... any advice for making it easier to make each slide 
conform to our standard template? I realize that it is possible to create a 
custom PowerPoint look for slides. I have not been able to figure out how 
to customize how the slide looks once it has been converted to HTML. (Sure, 
the wizard lets you pick JPEG or GIF and other items... but how do you 
automatically add your own header and footer information?)


On Task Technologies

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