[thelist] Site Copycat (Special Circumstances Involved)

Gary McPherson genyus at ingenyus.net
Fri Jun 20 19:36:01 CDT 2003

> AFAIK, his customers have no idea that I am involved in the 
> creation of their sites.  Would it be a good idea to email them?

David, I don't have much to add to the advice you've already received
but I wouldn't bother contacting any of his clients unless he started
taking business away from you. As has already been suggested, leave him
to lie in the bed he's made - he's going to get caught out sooner or
later. And probably sooner.

One question it raised in my head was "what sort of company would
entrust their online strategy to a 12-year-old with no demonstrable past
experience?" - the mind boggles...


I like what you did with your navigation since I last saw it - very

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