[thelist] Site Copycat (Special Circumstances Involved)

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Sun Jun 22 09:25:00 CDT 2003

On June 22, 2003 at 1:17, David Bindel wrote:

> .............. I just don't want him stealing the work that I did and
> presenting it to his client as his own, when in fact, he has no idea
> how to produce on his own.

And that is your saving grace. You've learned that there are people out there 
who will blatantly misrepresent themselves and steal your hard work simply 
because the code to create it by it's nature must be publicly available. 

Take a little comfort knowing that in a short time this annoyance will find it's own 
comeuppance, (it's him that has a problem, not you eh ;-) and in the mean time 
you are still learning and enjoying the process and your work will be rewarded 
upon it's own merits in good time.

Consider how much energy you want to keep contributing to this matter, and 
wether the pursuit of it is worth the effort in the long view of things.


	Mark Groen

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