[thelist] Anyone written a subscription-model site?

Steve Purkiss steve at purkiss.com
Sun Jun 22 17:10:57 CDT 2003

Hello all you good people!

I've been asked to write a site which is based on 3 levels of subscription,
each one costing slightly more than the other and offering different

I've been looking for a framework/base to start off with. The only Open
Source one I've found so far is phpProMembers (see
http://www.gacybertech.com/), but it's a bit ropey. The best I've found is
http://www.dreamcost.com/?page=dreamaccount but it costs $149 so can't play
around with the code to see if it's what I want (although demo looks
v.good) - has anyone used this?

Their main requirements are to have 3 protected pages (one for each level of
subscription), simple news item publishing, monthly text newsletter sending
facility, refer-a-friend, and the ability to view members by area and
profession (extra drop-down boxes I'll put in at sign-up) so they can
contact them if they want their services - this last one is an added extra,
not the crux of the site.

If anyone's done a subscription-model site before, would appreciate if you
could let me know how you approached it, don't fancy writing this from


Steve Purkiss
Freelance Internet Consultant, Web Developer, and Open Source Evangelist


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