[thelist] Anyone written a subscription-model site?

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Sun Jun 22 18:55:04 CDT 2003

I've done this, but it's not really all that automated. Basically, the owner
of the site processes subscription orders and administers the subscription
list with a set of screens I developed for her. It's not really that
difficult to do yourself.

Dan Romanchik - Web Developer
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> Hello all you good people!
> I've been asked to write a site which is based on 3 levels of
> each one costing slightly more than the other and offering different
> content.
> I've been looking for a framework/base to start off with. The only Open
> Source one I've found so far is phpProMembers (see
> http://www.gacybertech.com/), but it's a bit ropey. The best I've found is
> http://www.dreamcost.com/?page=dreamaccount but it costs $149 so can't
> around with the code to see if it's what I want (although demo looks
> v.good) - has anyone used this?
> Their main requirements are to have 3 protected pages (one for each level
> subscription), simple news item publishing, monthly text newsletter
> facility, refer-a-friend, and the ability to view members by area and
> profession (extra drop-down boxes I'll put in at sign-up) so they can
> contact them if they want their services - this last one is an added
> not the crux of the site.
> If anyone's done a subscription-model site before, would appreciate if you
> could let me know how you approached it, don't fancy writing this from
> scratch...
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