[thelist] [Site Review] Gemsnjewelry.com

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Jun 22 23:01:38 CDT 2003

> if dns *has* propagated for you, then the old site is at:
> http://old.gemsnjewelry.com/
> and the new site is at:
> http://gemsnjewelry.com/

the border is b0rken,  win2000pro ie6


whatever it says under the main logo, you can't read it

> anyway, i've done some unusual things (i think) with css.
> be sure to check the site with css disabled to see what i mean.

not sure i want to (re)figure out how to do that with ie6

so i fired up netscape 4.61, turned off style sheets, and visited the new
site, but did not see anything unusual -- in fact, with style sheets turned
on, the site barfs all over the place, totally unusable

what was the css wizardry i was supposed to notice?


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