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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 23:51:51 CDT 2003

--- Marc Seyon <seyon at delime.com> wrote:

> Interesting use of the CSS to place the image in the header in the 
> background. Seems a bit complicated though. Couldn't you have
> simply used 
> the image in the foreground, with the text in the span as the alt
> text?

Forgot to comment on the CSS as well... Not sure if you were after
Douglas Bowman's similar effects (http://www.stopdesign.com/) and I
did notice some "unusual" use of CSS. I will say for small pages, the
CSS is a bit lengthy.

I'd say this part for the top:

<div id="barTop">
    <div id="barTopLeft"></div>
    <div id="barTopRight"></div>
    <div id="barTopClear"></div>

Has some odd CSS attached. You have this:

#barTopClear {
  height: 1px;
  width: 550px;

Without any clearing rules - am I just misreading the name? Confused
about the purpose of that one.


#barTopLeft {
  display: inline;
  float: left;

#barTopRight {
  display: inline;
  float: right;

Why are you floating inline elements?

> - There seems to be more verbiage on the front page than is usually
> seen these days. Whether that's good or bad is debatable. 
> Personally, given that 
> it's an online storefront, I would have wanted more items visible
> up front. "Sell before you tell" as someone recently sold me.


I'm also wondering about your use of a:focus - precious little info
about how it works and how well supported is. Is this something that
is critical to the use of the site?

Oh well, eyes are reddending up..good luck



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