[thelist] "Return To" or "Back To" ... Is there a preferred way to write this?

Mike Combs mike at combsnet.com
Mon Jul 14 14:10:28 CDT 2003

Just a thought...  You could use CSS to add the words "Back to" to link 
names that have been visited.

a:visited:before { content: "Back to "; }

This wouldn't show in IE, but would in other browsers.  And it'd be a 
little obnoxious if used widely, but it might make sense in some sections 
of the site.

div.thissection a:visited:before { content: "Return to "; }


 > ...is there a
 > preferred way to describe this type of link? I was just
 > wondering about
 > non-English speakers and if they would be more familiar with "Back To"
 > rather than "Return To" or does it even matter?

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