[thelist] Help with Nav Bar with Submenu AND using Images for HREF's

Dan Slater dslater at zunch.com
Mon Jul 14 15:23:52 CDT 2003

This is my second message regarding this problem.  I sent the first one late
during the weekend and I don't think many saw it, since there was only one

I'm trying to build a navigation system that uses nothing but images for
each menu item.  And, on top of that, each item must be a "rollover" with a
normal, over, and on (active) state.

I know, I know, that's easy, but the hard part is that there are submenus
which follow the exact same design, load to the right of the main menu, and
cover up a portion of the site's content while "on".

Kind of like the example shown on this page in the left margin (
http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/hvmenu/index.htm ) - but with
images instead of text.

In a perfect world, i'd be using text instead of images, but I answer to a
higher power (the client) and they want a SPECIFIC font for navigation - and
that requires using images.

Can anyone point me to a site, or discussion thread (i've looked for a
search feature for the list but can't find one) that discusses this?

Even better, could someone point me to a "cut and paste" solution somewhere?
I've googled and searched Macromedia's Dev Exchange with no luck.

The problem i'm having is getting a menu item to "unhide" a div onmouseover,
while still retaining it's "hover" state, and then, when moving the mouse
over the submenu, having that now unhidden div stay visible AND have the
main menu item that called the submenu stay in a hover state.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Slater
Zunch Communications, Inc.
dslater at zunch.com

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