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Jerry Scannell JerryScannell at cox.net
Mon Jul 14 20:29:05 CDT 2003

This may sound like a "kluge", but what I do is change the apostrophes to `
(I call it the backwards apostrophe since I don't know it's proper name.  It
is found next to the 1 key.

I, too, have always struggled with the double quote as a string delimiter,
and an apostrophe as an allowable alternative.  What do you do when the
apostrophe is part of the data.  My kluge takes care of it and nobody ever
really notices.  For instance, O'Neil and O`Neil look almost identical.

Try it.

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> I now have the same problem but in reverse:  A record in the db contains
> data "Gold's Gym."  When I load this record into a recordset and display
> it shows as "Gold".
> At what point do I work with the appastrophe to keep it from dropping?
> Thanks,
> Casey
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