[thelist] CF: Tip - Usage of Boolean Values

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Tue Jul 15 14:13:37 CDT 2003

<tip type="Cold Fusion" author="Frank Marion">

A simple little trick: Cold Fusion usually processes a cfif tag like this

    [1]   <cfif variable.is_true>

more quickly than

    [2]   <cfif variable.is_true EQ "Yes">

Boolean values are either yes or no, 1 or 0, true or false. I've found that 
when I set a boolean as such <cfset variable.is_true = 1> that one can take 
advantage of form [1] of checking for one's own variables. I'm told that 
it's quicker, and I believe that it makes code more readable.

(Guestimate: [1] may be quicker because it's a simple evaluation of a 
single boolean value, whereas [2] requires the fetching of the operand, 
then the comparison of the two before returning the boolean.]


I welcome enlightenment if the above is incorrect.

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