[thelist] stuck using cf4.5? upgrade to cfmx

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 05:08:50 CDT 2003

Indeed and this certainly gives alot more flexibilty for CF. Eg MySQL can be
used as opposed to MS SQL and maybe use PHP too, adding extra flexibily to
access DB data.  But why on earth would anyone want to use CF as opposed to PHP
one can only but wonder ;)  Here is a quote from a CF developer:

'I have setup all the environments you are talking about.

CF with MS SQL is much easier to setup and get going than PHP and MySQL.

However I have seen twice the speed and stability with my applications that
are written in PHP and MYSQL.  I admit that struggling through all the setup
can be cumbersome, but in the end it pays off.

If you can get both PHP and MYSQL up on a Linux box even better.  I have
been certified in CF and used it for over 4 years.  CF does have a rapid
deployment phase and works well with mysql.  But I believe php has a much
more robust set of function, system, and networking capability that CF.
Plus the key. Is that it's all FREE...

CF  + MS SQL + MS    = $3000 +
PHP + MYSQL + Linux  = Freedom  :)'

so I guess what should have been said was:

.... stuck using cf4.5?  upgrade to PHP :)

>Subject: RE: [thelist] stuck using cf4.5? upgrade to cfmx
>> From: Andrew
>> just a pot-shot here, could it be something to do with
>> the lower version of cf sitting on Linux as opposed to
>> win doze?
>i'd sure hope not.  as i recall, cf4.5 was only a beta on linux.  cf5 was
>the first version with a full release for linux.  cfmx is java-based and
>works on most every platform and supported by macromedia on nearly as many.

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