[thelist] CFMX problem - HTML output cut off - and characterencoding

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Jul 16 09:17:45 CDT 2003

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> it's *quite* wrong if you want your code to be portable to versions prior
> cfmx.  it's also semantically wrong to use <cfset>, a tag used for
> assignment, for a simple function call.  besides, the <cfset> version just
> looks like it's missing something.  i get the jeebies everytime i see it.
> if you're not going to assign the results of a function call to something,
> then don't use the <cfset> tag.
> fwiw, there are a few things like this in cfmx that i *really* don't like
> because they break the semantics of some of the cf tags.


Do you mean "syntax"?

Semantics refers to the "meaning" of something, syntax refers to the rules
you must follow when representing that meaning.  I find it very unlikely
that cfmx changed what a tag does.

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