[thelist] IE Field Tip

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Jul 16 10:34:10 CDT 2003

> <tip type="Internet Explorer" author="Joshua Olson">
> In IE 6 (PC) and possibly older versions, the onchange event
> does not fire
> when the user selects a value for a text field on a form from
> the drop down
> of previous items entered (if the feature is enabled).  If you want
> something to fire in those cases, you'll need to add the code
> to the onblur.
> </tip>

There is another solution.



To determine when a user updates the content of a field from the
AutoComplete dialog box, use the onpropertychange event, rather than the
onchange event, because the onchange event does not fire.


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