[thelist] [JavaScript] Debugging in IE

Ben Morrison ben.morrison at dogstardesign.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 11:06:46 CDT 2003

On 16/7/03 4:54 pm, "James" <evolt at doubtlesshouse.org.uk> wrote:

> However it refuses to work in IE - I think theirs a syntax error in my
> .js file that I include.
> I run IE 5.2 on OS X 10.2 but can move to windows 98 or XP if thats
> easier. How do I turn debugging on? Is there any third part software
> that helps debug JS? If so, why not? From my experiences it would be
> very useful.

In IE goto

Explorer>Preferences>web Browser>Web content

Down the bottom "Active content"

Click "show scripting error alerts"

Im sure others can offer better debugging advice..
(still waiting for safari to show error alerts)


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