[thelist] Double Emails with PHPmail

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jul 16 11:42:29 CDT 2003

Yet I receive the first email twice. The date/time sent are identical on
both emails as well as the second emails. 

I did some more testing last night on this. I even created a new test page
with the basic PHP mail structure and it of course sent only one email
message. So, I'm the problem, not the ISP :-\

I think I'll put the "Thank you for your order" and mailings on a separate
page, which I can do. But now my question is this:

In asp you can put a <% response.redirect("newpage.htm") %>, but the catch
is you have to place this before anything is written on the page.

In PHP, you'd write something like <?php header("Location: newpage.htm"); ?>

Can you write the php version after anything is written on the page?


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