[thelist] Online Project Management Service

Kyle Murphy kyle.murphy at tempschedulingsystem.com
Wed Jul 16 13:31:08 CDT 2003

Does anyone have an Online Project Management service that they use?  I
would like one that is tailored for Web Developers/Designers, if possible.
I've seen one before, but can't remember it's name.

What I need it to do:
1.) Multiple user levels (admin/project manager, designers/developers,
2.) Track hours
3.) Uploading of documents.

I'm sure there are about 10,000 other things that it needs to do, but I
can't think of any more (my brain is fried right now!)

I want all parties involved on the project (4 developers & 3 client users)
to be able to login and see the progress of individual components, as well
as the entire project.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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