[thelist] stuck using cf4.5? upgrade to cfmx

M.G. Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Wed Jul 16 16:37:59 CDT 2003

El mié, 16-07-2003 a las 22:36, Steve Lewis escribió:
> While I commend the Linux community and their allies for these 
> advancements, please consider the time investment of learning how to 
> find and use apt-get, emerge, rpm, and the mandrake-like installations 
> wizards.  Consider the time investment of learning the *nix directory 
> hierarchy.  Consider the time investment of learning the quirks and 
> peculiarities of php and mysql and of researching and selecting IDEs and 
> helper applications.  All of this comes at a price, and if all of the 
> above are new to you, be prepared for sticker shock when you look at the 
> calendar.

I'm not sure if you are trying to say that the total time investment of
learning CFMX, its quirks and pecularities and picking an IDE for my CF
coding is zero? If so, i'm starting with it tomorrow morning :)

When choosing between an expensive car and a free car, a lot of things
may be compared and discused, but trying to convince me that the free
car isn't really free because i must pay for my driving classes is
nonsensical both because the same can be said about the expensive car
and because the cost of the free car is still zero. My skills or lack
thereof must be filed under a whole different concept, imo


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