[thelist] Need Mac and IE5x Menu Check plus Opera 7 prob.

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Thu Jul 17 03:49:59 CDT 2003


I'm almost done revising a site and hope to launch in two days. I've tested
in: NS4.7, Moz 1.4, NN7, IE6.0 and Opera 7.1.

I need menu checks with: Macs, IE5x Win (Konquerer would be nice also). A
quick look through some of the pages for anything strange would help.
BrowserCam doesn't show my footers, so I need to know where they are (left,
right, center ...they're supposed to be centered :))

Problem 1:
Opera7: Some tables refuse to center - they plaster themselves to the left
side or the screen. I can't figure it why. (I know that Opera screws up the
bullets, so maybe this is just another Op7 snafu.)

Problem 2:
TopStyles says the height on the menu hovers is not valid. I'm just learning
CSS, and it's used to get the hovers to look right, but I have no idea what
it happens in IE5x or Mac browsers or if they jump or what.

Here is the index page with links to the style sheets and problem page. A
screen-hot links is there also.

Here are my BrowserCam Shots

Comments about design, etc. are also welcome. Many thanks, Pat

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