[thelist] PHP and CF together in harmony (was:stuck using cf4.5? upgrade to cfmx - no to PHP)

M.G. Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Thu Jul 17 05:04:47 CDT 2003

El jue, 17-07-2003 a las 11:28, Jeff Howden escribió:

First of all,

I found this today, interesting and strangely synchronized with this

An experiment in CF-like PHP by Simon Willinson

Now, Jeff's points

> neither, the car analogy sucks,

That's my fault, i suck at making analogies in my own language, let
alone in english, where convoluted sentences make both me and my reader
sweat ;)

> my point?  it doesn't really matter which one is better, unless you don't
> have experience with either and then it pays to get informed and pick the
> one that makes the most sense for you.  however, if you're already well down
> the path you've chosen, then the cost to move from one to another is
> significant and most likely extremely foolish.

I agree with that, whatever rocks your boat is best. I just have to see
any special advantage in CFMX that would justify the price tag, either
when switching from PHP or trying to decide between both in my first day
in web development. Again, that's probably me and if there is something
so good in CFMX to be *really worthy* of paying a CF license, probably
its merits would overcome the $$ issue. If it's 'more or less like' or
'slightly better than', i can live with that :) If i had to leave PHP
planet, i'd like to try the Zope/Python way.

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