[thelist] setting up https on local IIS serer on win2k

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Thu Jul 17 06:06:46 CDT 2003

David Turner wrote:
> can somebody point me towards a resource for setting this all up. do i
> need to apply for a 'certificate' from somewhere? or is there a dummy
> certificate that i can use for testing purposes.

Most of the big providers of SSL certs will provide you with a free
'test certificate' (which will encrypt communications perfectly well, but
will pop up an 'untrusted source' alert in most browsers at the beginning
of a session, and are hence not production-suitable).

Thawte, for example, provide test certs at:

One of these will certainly do for testing purposes.

Verisign, I'm sure, offer the same service (given that they're the same
company), but I can't get to their site at the moment.



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