[thelist] quick css text layout float?

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Thu Jul 17 07:29:34 CDT 2003

> ... how else would I go about ...  the use of repeated DIVs (effects).

oh, the possibilities...

this would make a great article, but who has the time?


to produce content, start with the content

create a document

forget the style sheet for a second

okay, do you have your document? i hope you used only structural markup

now, in the document, add a link to an external style sheet

lock the document

now, go nuts with the style sheet

pretend you cannot open the document any more

quite the challenge, isn't it?

the css zen garden is sort of like that

so's the current css contest at sitepoint.com

have a look at the source code for those documents

there are a small number of "hooks" in the source code so that the style
sheets have something to latch onto

kind of like your    <div id="big">The</div>

but the fewer hooks in the source code, the better

that is the true way to approach css for web pages


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