[thelist] building web site with MLS connection

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Jul 17 14:56:28 CDT 2003

Dave Denis asked:

>Has anyone done any work in building real estate web sites that connect 
>to MLS?  I have an agent who wants a medium site but wants to be able to 
>manage MLS listings.  He has access to this now but it seems to be 
>mostly proprietary and you need a broker's license to get on.  

Hi Dave,

I haven't built any ... but I've used quite a few. (A number of them 
poorly built.)   ;-)

There is no "MLS" ... or, I suppose to be more precise, there are a heck of 
a lot of different MLS(s).  The Canadien MLS is physically and 
organizationally separate from the Arizona MLS which is separate from 
(however the heck many of these there are here in) Texas.

You'll need to find the outfit that manages the local MLS you want access 
to and work through their rates.

You will probably need your client's help to find them, or possibly a B2B 
yellow pages.

Good Luck,

(How 'bout reporting back what you find out? On or off list I'd still 
be interested.)

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