[thelist] Dot Net - Should we switch

Julian Voelcker asp at tvw.net
Thu Jul 17 16:31:06 CDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:34:31 -0400, Gary Swanson wrote:
> Any thoughts or good articles are greatly appreciated.

I would say go for it, but be prepared for quite a learning curve if 
your only programming experience is ASP.

Do try to get VS.Net, it makes it a lot easier for doing codebehinds, 
user controls, server controls etc - programs like the free Matrix 
editor DreamweaverMX only really aren't really geared up for that.

The key thing to get your head around is the object orientated 
programming and code re-use.


Julian Voelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom

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