[thelist] Need Mac and IE5x Menu Check plus (revised request).

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Thu Jul 17 18:47:50 CDT 2003



> Some quick links open with a cookie-crumb at the top of the page;
> others don't. Disconcerting.
I'm just finishing these pages, I am missing some cookie crumbs...sorry.

> There's "movement" as you walk thru the quick links -- because the
> main content section does not start from the same x.y coordinate each
> time (this is only partially because some pages have logos above the
> title copy).]
Yes, I'm not sure what to do about this. I thought I would get all the logos
placed (they are all different depths), then see which pages had logos,
which had abreviations, which did not and try to figure out how to position
everything so the underline remains in a consistent place, as should the top
of the logos. It sure is annoying when they are not lined up.

> Ideally - the page that you are "on" when you use a QuickLink is no
> longer an active link in the sub-menu. However, it's both active and
> unchanged in appearance on these pages. When the page moves up and
> down (positioning change) -- then the mouse position in the list
> changes also -- so the wrong "link" is highlighted when the page
> changes.
Yes, I'll add the visited and active as you suggested...thanks for the
advice. I see what you mean.

Kathy, I really appreciate your observations. I'll be sure and fix it.

Again, thanks! Pat

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