[thelist] auto-increment with mysql

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Thu Jul 17 20:03:17 CDT 2003

I did this once, mistakenly making the index a smallint instead of an
unsigned int. What a pain that was to troubleshoot.

It definitely does not make sense to have it start over. You could lose a
lot of data that way.

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> rudy <mailto:rudy937 at rogers.com>
>     on Thursday, July 17, 2003 5:01 PM said:
> >> When the auto-increment column gets to it's max (let's say
> >> smallint(5) unsigned), does it start back at 1 again or does it just
> >> conk out?
> >
> > it conks out gloriously
> In that case should I not try to save as much space/overhead as possible
> and just use an unsigned int? IIRC that goes to 2.5+ million correct?
> That seems like plenty, but I definitely don't want this program to stop
> working over a period of a year because it's hit the limit.
> Also, don't YOU think it makes sense to have it start over? Is the way
> mysql behaves the way most databases behave? What are the benefits to
> not having start over (if any)?
> Thanks,
> Chris.
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