[thelist] My first post and question on DOM

Alexis Bellido alexisbellido at ventanazul.com
Thu Jul 17 19:53:07 CDT 2003

Hello, my name is Alexis Bellido i live at Lima, Peru and run a Web
Agency called Ventanazul, we offer design, development, hosting and
marketing of web sites, we have customers in different countries and
like a lot to work online.

I like to read great articles from www.evolt.org , www.alistapart.com
and sites like this, i am really looking into standards.

I personally use PHP/mySQL for programming, also know ASP but lately not
using it too much on our projects.

For design we do Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop/ImageReady and then go
to Dreamweaver MX.

Now i am working a PHP application for a discotec, and here comes my

The user can create an invitation list (in order to make a reservation)
for celebrating his birthday at the disco, in the first page the user
selects a date, numbers of persons he will invite and and a comment.
This is easy, this info goes to mySQL and after that he is taken to a
page with form fields to enter this 3 items for each person invited:
name, last name and email.

For example if the user selected that he wants to invite 5 persons he
will be presented with 5 groups of this fields: name, lastname and

What i want is by using Javascript and DOM that the user be able to add
or remove fields, for example if he decides he wants to invite more
persons he can add 3 more fields for this new person, or he could remove
some persons.

I've seen the great article at http://www.xs4all.nl/~ppk/js/domform.html
but i am not the kind of person who likes to just copy and paste without
understanding the whole concepts, that's why i've been reading a lot
about DOM.

If somebody could give me a url to more tutorial about this subject or
any other ideas would be great.

I think is great to be able to work with standards and DOM is really a
great thing to add to our web applications.

Congratulations for this great list and i hope i could contribute in

Best Regards!

Alexis Bellido M.
Ventanazul : Web Design : Hosting : eCommerce

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alexis at ventanazul.com 
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