[thelist] Javascript, layers, divs, Netscape 7.0

Alexander C. Garcia Alexander at Garcia.Name
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  This URL http://devedge.netscape.com/viewsource/2003/inner-browsing/ shows
the use of JavaScript's .innerHTML method to update a ticker. They have an
example of just that at the site.

Peace be with you.

Alexander Garcia
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I'm working on a scrolling ticker thang at the moment. It's a horrid thing
that uses javascript to move divs in IE and layers in NS 4. However,
neither of those methods seems to work in Netscape 6+, and I'm having
considerable difficulty tracking down decent info about it. (IE and
Netscape are the targets for the moment. I'd like it to work in other
browsers too, but that looks like an unreachable dream for the moment).

Can anyone point me at some kind of tutorial, guide or fully developed
crossbrowser code for this?

If I can't find such a guide or code, I'll be back to y'all with the code I
have, and cap in hand.


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