[thelist] Need Mac and IE5x Menu Check plus (revised request).

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Fri Jul 18 11:54:23 CDT 2003



Kathy wrote:
> (btw - I'm new to the group - and plunged right in rather than
> lurking a while when I saw a Mac/CSS problem!)

I'm glad you did and welcome to the group! There is such a wealth of
information here and the people are the best.

Kathy wrote:
> So I poked around in the "modern browser" CSS. The first thing I did
> was make the hover and "link" attributes mirror one another -- that
> is, I added the missing "height" to "link" .... and Safari put the
> white space in, permanently.
> took it out in both places -- and the white space remained. (huh?)
> So I substituted in both a statements :
> height : 18 px;
> to match the height you spec'd in the td statement.
> Now there is no bouncing in Safari. Have no idea what this does to
> other browsers but am guessing that it screws up MSIE due its math on
> the box model and your use of margins and padding. :-/

Changed it and it still works fine in IE6, Opera 7, Mozilla 1.4. It's not
quite right in NN7, but that's the way it will be.  Funny that the
height:{100%} only effects the top menu. It was originally done this way to
look better in NN7 Win. Safari is probably what I need to consider now.

The only check I need now is IE5x Win to see if the padding messes things
up. I'd sure like to know how others add space on their hovers to get them
to look more like buttons.

Kathy wrote:
> so yes, it seems to be the 100% height statement. FWIW, the hover did
> not "move" the text in MSIE5.2 Mac and I don't remember it moving it
> in NN7, either. The code shows the same margin/padding statement for
> a:link and a:hover -- so what would make it move?

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