[thelist] Introduction, site feedback and some other stuff

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Fri Jul 18 14:15:18 CDT 2003

Message from Andy Budd (7/18/2003 04:54 PM)
>Hi there,
>I'm big into my web standards/accessibility and have just redesigned our 
>site using pure CSS Layout.

Hi Andy,

Opera 7.0 (Win2k) mangles your layout quite spectacularly. I can send you 
screenshots offlist if you'd like.

I personally found the front page to be too busy. Three columns of 
identically sized-text - hard on the eyes. Nothing stands out. Little grey 
lines all over the place. Confusing.

I would try
- dropping the font size of the news slightly (maybe 90% of regular text)
- incorporating the 'latest article' column with the news column

Maybe I'm not sufficiently up on current geek symbolism, but I certainly 
didn't get the five slashes under the "Creating effective websites" text in 
the masthead.

>I'm also into my flash design and have just launched my own travel 
>photography portfolio site

Everything was too small. Thank goodness I can resize it in Opera. I went 
up to 150% for it to not strain the eyes. On a 19" monitor.

The light grey/white/dark grey combinations of text and background were 
hard to read. Moreso at the original size.

Nice photos though.


Carnival 2003 in all its photographic glory. Playyuhself.com

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