[thelist] I owe some tips

Pat Meeks pmeeks at msn.com
Fri Jul 18 16:31:32 CDT 2003


I'm not a techy, so here are two simple tips for novices.

<tip type="PDFs As Artwork Source" author="Pat Meeks">
If you are doing a site that includes some of the same photos/artwork that
is also included in a brochure or catalog, get a copy in PDF format
distilled for "printer". Then, with a program like SnagIt, take a screen
shot right from the PDF, toss it into your favorite graphics program
(Fireworks, PhotoShop, etc.) for sizing and image compression then place in
your site. Try a sample to see if meets your quality requirements. It's
faster than hunting down original files. If you have hue, saturation
adjustments, you can also change the colors of B/W drawings to match your
site colors.

<tip type="<br /> and &nbsp;" author="Pat Meeks">
The spacing in many browsers will differ slightly depending on how <br />
and &nbsp; appear in html.
<br /><br /> will have different spacing than
<br />
<br />
As will  "text here &nbsp; text here"  vs.
"text here &nbsp;
text here"

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