[thelist] php timer

Scott Harman scott at enteractiontv.com
Sat Jul 19 16:19:39 CDT 2003

Personally - we just run it as a shell script, and generate an html output
file everytime the script is successfully run!

A php db import script runs every 15 minutes if it detects that a checksum
file has been modified.

Fundamentally - it's a shell script telling the php application to run a php
script in a particular location, on a particular file at a given time.

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> i need to know if there is a way to automatically trigger a php script at
> certain time everyday, regardless of site activity, ect. i was told by a
> co-worker that this is impossible in php, but maybe possible in c, but we
> have no knowledge of c at all, or to set a command in the unix system to
> the script... any suggestions would be helpful, but i would prefer the php
> way if it is possible
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