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Jerry Scannell JerryScannell at cox.net
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Fellow eVolters,

I have a client's web site that was originally developed to run in a Windows
98 peer-to-peer setup utilizing PWS.

They now have a real server (Windows 2000 Server w/IIS) that I need to setup
for the intranet site.  Here's what I perceive to be what I need to do - I
did them and it doesn't work right.

1.  Install IIS on the new server        DONE
2.  Create a directory inside inetpub\wwwroot that will be the home
directory of the site.  DONE
3.  Copy all the code into it.   DONE
4.  Under the default web site add the new web site (called ABCTrucking for
our the sake of argument)   DONE
5.  Right-click on the new site name and choose properties

NOTE: There are many tabs in the properties window and I am not at the
customer's site right now so I can't mention them by name.  But we have to
do the following:
6.  Make sure that "default.asp" is listed as the first default page   DONE
7.  Ensure that c:\inetpub\wwwroot\abc is the home directory   DONE
8.  Anything else????

9. Create an ODBC client for the ABC database.  This process is identical
the the ODBC creation for Windows 98 except for where it is in the Control
Panel.   DONE

10.  Do I have to make sure that I have users setup?  If I don't, then what
kinds of website activities can't take place?

The problem I am facing is related to database access.  It seems that when I
attempt to "UPDATE" the data base I get an ASP error that tells me I need to
use an update query to make the change, or something to that effect.  The
code works just fine, of course, on the Windows 98 PWS environment.

I think I am missing one or two things to make this work right.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


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On Wednesday June 18 2003 07:25, Koutoulas, Pete wrote:
> Not trying to throw a monkey wrench into this discussion, but isn't
> it true that there are a few very old browsers that do not send a
> host header and thus fail to distinguish virtual hosts created this
> way? I know it's probably quite a tiny percentage, but if this is
> true (and I'm pretty sure it is) it may be a consideration if using
> unique IP's is an option.

This is unlikely to be an issue with current browsers, though there is
a workaround for the older browsers capable of using a proxy (most
proxies will translate HTTP/1.0 requests to HTTP/1.1 with the Host

Shawn K. Quinn

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