[thelist] Developers for a start up!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 20 14:13:24 CDT 2003


A while ago, someone posted a site for freelance developers.
freelancedevelopers.org, if i recall.... We're looking to build a small team
of developers for a startup. So we're wondering if anyone knows of any other
site that we might also check out...

The opportunity would initially be part-time/sweat equity/etc... for the 1st
couple of months.. The operation is going to be completely self-funded....

We're looking for the usual skills... PHP/Perl/Java/JScript/Linux/Database

If you know of a place that might have the developers with the skills we're
looking for, we'd like to know!!


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas at earthlink.net
(925) 866-2790

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