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Aaron Holmes aholmes at pureguru.com
Mon Aug 11 13:28:46 CDT 2003

Hi Tony,

First of all let me thank you for your comments ;) The negative tend to help
us more than the positive sometimes.

> The text is tiny to the point of fuzzy (TFT monitor 1024*768 WinXP
> IE6.0) and fixed-size. (I have cleartype *on*) and there are a lot of
> text-as-graphics headings.

Is this site-wide or only on the main welcoming page? For me I can see how
the orange text on the main page would look small to some. The black text is
a bit bigger, but still may be too small, in which case we will increase the

> There are two menus (and a trail and a bottom menu) and the grey one at
> the top looks...

I think this may be personal preference but is definitely worth
consideration. We will see if others feel the same way and then try to
approach the problem differently, perhaps the over-used slide-out menus
although I'm not sure if they will suffice.

> The context menu (left) sometimes changes, sometimes doesn't
> So I get lost.

Good point, I will have the team change this for consistencies sake.

> Interface & Human Usability Design

We sometimes get too into what we do :) This text is referring to a 'persona
building' method which was primarily introduced by Mr. Alan Cooper
(Usability Engineer). The method should be explained in simpler terms, as it
refers to a simple process of designing software and systems for a single
user as opposed to many. The benefits to this are specialized software that
doesn't try to do everything for everyone, therefore being less bloated,
easier to use/maintain, and more reliable.
His methods do work, and you may or may not be familiar with Mr. Cooper
already as he is fairly popular. If not I recommend the following text for
usability issues:

        The Inmates Are Running the Asylum :
        Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The Sanity
        ISBN: 0672316498

Overall, thank you for the excellent feedback. Anything else that you can
offer is greatly appreciated, and if we can help you at any point we're only
an email away.


Aaron Holmes
aholmes at pureguru.com
CEO Gurix Web Professionals

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