[thelist] Site check

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 14:16:25 CDT 2003

> > The text is tiny to the point of fuzzy (TFT monitor 1024*768 WinXP
> > IE6.0) and fixed-size. (I have cleartype *on*) and there
> are a lot of
> > text-as-graphics headings.
> Is this site-wide or only on the main welcoming page?

The menus mostly - 10px text is almost unreadable for me (I don't have
poor eyesight, just find that at that size there isn't enough pixel to
make a letter. 12px is better - your black text is okay.

I'd much prefer it if I could adjust it to suit though, 120% zoom (in
Mozilla) and I can read it nicely ;o)

> > There are two menus (and a trail and a bottom menu) and the
> grey one at
> > the top looks...
> I think this may be personal preference but is definitely worth
> consideration. We will see if others feel the same way and then try to
> approach the problem differently, perhaps the over-used
> slide-out menus
> although I'm not sure if they will suffice.

Couldn't you have one navigation menu and more pages?  I'm getting
confused by the number of messages per page and the way the menu
doens't tie in with it.

e.g. on the home page, there are sections on web development, media
design, performance solutions and custom applications and another 15
menu options under solutions.

I see your difficulty, with so much to say, but maybe it could be
presented deeper[1] rather than wider[2], if you understand me.



top down pyramid style.

everything within one click

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