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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Mon Aug 11 14:39:28 CDT 2003

Aaron Holmes wrote:

>Thanks Paul,
>For non-flash users there is a complimentary menu on the bottom, with the
>same linking structure. Perhaps flash detection script should be used to
>bring the menu to the top in the event that flash is unavailable. However,
>this wouldn't work in cases where Flash is disabled or rendered useless, and
>it would add some javascript to the page which could also pose problems.
>What do you think?
If you can live without the moving bits in the top nav (they do move 
slowly after all ;) ), you could create a similar type of menu using 
only an unordered list and some css.
See here for an example (look at the top navigation):

and here for a 'how to'

maybe that helps?

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