[thelist] The New Worm - need some help to clean it

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Mon Aug 11 20:23:52 CDT 2003

from slashdot: (assumes XP as OS)
Step 1. Shut down PC
Step 2. Unplug Cable Modem.
Step 3. Start up PC
Step 4. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
Step 5. Double Click Network Connections
Step 6. Right Click the Local Area Connection used to access Internet. 
Example: Local Area Connection 1
Step 7. Select Properties
Step 8. Click the Advanced Tab
Step 9. Enable the Windows XP Firewall
Step 10. Click OK, Close out of open windows.
Step 11. Plug in the Cable Modem.
Step 12. Ensure Block Sync is established.
Step 13. Open Internet Explorer
Step 14. Go to the following URL: 

then go from there

Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

>Hey all,
>Well for the last 4 hours I've gotten to know the new worm
>intimately. While I have downloaded all the patches I can and
>installed ZoneAlarm, it still continues to propagate on both systems.
>(Each time I reboot - even after a patch - the worm is in the task
>list) I even got the latest Norton virus update. Norton sees it on my
>system and pops a lovely red box that says "we can't do jack about
>This worm SERIOUSLY degrades my internet connection. I'd say 50-100%
>packet loss. That I can get this email out is a serious task. Anyway,
>can anyone point me to anything else I can do to clean my system? ZA
>seems to block port 135 attacks every time, but cannot of course
>clean the worm. The Norton update didn't clean it, and the MS updates
>didn't fix it (BIG surprise eh?)
>Do all you can to protect yourself on this one, its a real pain. :(
>Any help is appreciated
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